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1. Cold rolled steel material, good bearing capacity, strong and durable.
2. The horizontal direction, depression angle and elevation angle cannot be adjusted.
3. Four-speed can be adjusted in height, each gear is 40mm.
4. The distance between the two load-bearing hooks can be adjusted left and right, and locked by the safety screw to ensure that the TV will not move, fall, and be stable and safe.
5. Hollow pipe design, can put cables, say goodbye to messy wires.
6. Perforation-free installation, can be moved freely, easy to clean, and beautiful.
7. Suitable for many different environments, such as: stations, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Product parameters:
1. Load-bearing: 45kg.
2. Plate thickness: 1.5mm.
3. Ground clearance: 1320-1430mm.
4. Installation hole distance: within 610x400mm.
5. Process: high temperature spray paint.

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