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100% brand new and high quality.
0603 Kit Capacitor 36 models , each with 20 , a total of 720
The 36 Values is as follows (20Pcs/ Values):
1PF  4.7PF  6.8PF  10PF  15PF  18PF
20PF  22PF  30PF  33PF  47PF  68PF
100PF  150PF  180PF  220PF  330PF  470PF
510PF  680PF  1NF  2.2NF  3.3NF  4.7NF
10NF  22NF  33NF  47NF  68NF  100NF
220NF  470NF  1UF  2.2UFF  4.7UF  10UF
36 Values x 20Pcs=720Pcs

Package included:

720Pcs x SMD Capacitor Assorted Kit

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