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1.With this cable, you can connect your power bank to router. Thus, when power cut, you can use your power bank to supply your router!    
2. Use this cable, you can supply your car Air Purifier by power bank   
USB cable USB to DC5.5 * 2.1mm charging cable power supply cable hole 5V/9V/12V boost lines USB cable   
[Introduction]: by charging treasure to power other devices. Such as: routers, USB lights, USB fan, radiator, 5V mini speakers, and so on …    
DC power plug size: diameter: 5.5mm, inner diameter: 2.1mm; positive with 1 meter cable length   
[Difference between the three lines]    
5V straight through: pure power cord, USB input is 5V, power DC plug output is 5V    
9V boost line: With the boost components, the input voltage of 5V via USB components, the boost to 9V voltage 0.8 ~ 1A    
12V-through: with boosting components, the input voltage of 5V via USB components, boosted to 12V Voltage 0.8 ~ 1A

Package included:

3 x USB Power Boost Line DC 5V to DC 12V

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